The first time I picked up dowsing rods I knew I was different. Gramps said that if you had the knack, they’d help you find water. But I always found bodies.” That’s the crackerjack opening to Roberts’ paranormal mystery in which Hall is recruited by FBI agent Garrett Pierce to help locate three missing girls who are presumed dead.
Readers who pat themselves on the back for being able to anticipate twists may find themselves one-upped here. You don’t need dowsing rods to detect series potential.


Would love to have more stories of Julie and her dowsing rods

~ Cindy – SnS Reviews

A well written and thoroughly engaging read. Recommend!

~ Hannaway Reviews

Roberts has a skill for characters and story telling.

~ Maranda Reviews

A mystery that is both chilling and very engaging. If you’re like me, you’ll think you’ve figured out the culprit about halfway through – and you’ll be wrong.

~ Cindy – SnS Reviews

A well written and thoroughly engaging read. Recommend!

~ All About Romance Reviews

You MUST check out this book, you will be rocked as I was with this author’s writing talent. Can’t wait for more!!

~Bitch Can Write A Book Reviews

I was so intrigued with this story that I could not put it down. I read it all the way through and was totally impressed with the style of writing and the entire story itself.


Interesting book with an engaging story premise! I could not put this book down.

~ Caitlin Copp Reviews

I really enjoyed how Roberts was able to weave the story, both past and present – it came together in a very well-rounded way and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

~Avid Reader Reviews

Tabitha Emery, the psychically talented star of Canadian author Roberts’s chick-friendly debut mystery, works as a receptionist at a prestigious Seattle law firm, where she hopes for a better position – and some attention from hunky lawyer Clay Sanderson. A purse-snatching (hers) and a broken-down car (also hers) put her in a bind, though she can turn to friends Jenny, Lara and Cathy for both drinking companionship and support. When her psychic abilities lead to the discovery of a murder site, the result is suspicion on the part of the police, solicitous attention from Sanderson and suspension (automatic) from the law firm. She also receives, with ambivalence, attentions from the darkly handsome owner of the Scrying Room, a metaphysical retail establishment. Despite her dithering doubts about her own attractiveness, intelligence and decision making, Tabitha emerges as a likable damsel in distress with a promising series future.

~ From Publishers Weekly:

Tabitha Emery’s clairvoyant powers can’t save her from having her purse snatched, but they do help her uncover a crime scene across from the movie theater where she has just taken a second job. The police are quite suspicious about how Tabitha just happened upon a dumpster with an inverted pentagram spray-painted on it and a significant amount of blood inside it. Clay Sanderson, a sexy lawyer at the firm where Tabitha works, advises her to stay away from the case. Instead, she visits a local “magick” store, the Scrying Room, where she meets the handsome proprietor, Lucien Roskell. Lucien gives her a special mirror and encourages her to channel her psychic abilities. She does, but what she learns causes the police to become more skeptical about her knowledge and attracts the killer’s attention. Roberts’ first novel blends chick lit–Tabitha frequently shares her guy troubles with friends over drinks at a local bar–with paranormal romance and mystery in a seamless, entertaining story.

~ Kristine Huntley From Booklist

I thoroughly enjoyed Wendy Roberts’ fantastic mystery. Fun, compelling, and completely satisfying. I can’t wait for the next installment

~ New York Times best-selling author, Allison Brennan

The Remains of the Dead is hip, clever and fun. Don’t miss this engaging story.

~ National Bestselling Author Brenda Novak

The Remains of the Dead is a clever, humorous take on a fascinating occupation, a fast-paced, one-sitting read

~ Stephanie Bond, author of the Body Movers series